This refers to Sentient Species, if you are looking for non-sentient species, see creatures.

Species are unique lifeforms. there are over 20 million sentient species known to the galaxy.


  • Mammalian sentient species: warm-blooded vertebrates who nourished young through secretions from mammary glands. Most mammals are covered in hair. One of the more prominent mammalian species in the galaxy is Human.
  • Reptilian sentient species: cold blooded vertebrates, usually covered in scales. Most reptiles are land based and lay eggs to reproduce.
  • Plant sentient species: synthesized energy from water, nutrients and sunlight.
  • Insect sentient species: have defined body segments, usually head, thorax, and abdomen. Most have exoskeletons, and some have wings.
  • Hard invertebrates: hard outer bodies with no internal skeleton. Crustaceans are included in this category.
  • Soft invertebrates: slug and worm-like species.
  • Avian sentient species: warm-blooded, feathered and winged creatures. Light bones and strong muscles are a feature of avian species.
  • Aquatic sentient species:those that descended from marine life. Most can breathe water and air.