Any rules of Project Eclipse will be located here. Breaking any of these rules is generally not a major offense, and a problem will only exist if a user persistently breaks the rules.

You may request special permission to create large interstellar nations or superweapons here: Talk:Requests for special permission


  • Large interstellar nations (200+ systems) must be approved by an Admin.
  • If a species has one major advantage over other species, give them a major flaw (hidden or not) to balance it out.
  • No superweapons (ability to destroy a planet or species) unless approved by an Admin.
  • If you want to use an element from another sci-fi universe, you may. But; always reference it. If you want to use Jedi, you can, but change the name, make some subtle changes. And add where you got that element from in a References section.

Date System

The year is GY 10,876

  • Months: Follow the following convention: First Month, Second Month, etc. Pretty simple.
  • Days: Day names are the same as the month names, First Day, Second day, etc.
  • One Standard Year: 451 Days
  • One Standard Month: 41 days (8 weeks)
  • One week: 5 days
  • One Day: 36 hours
  • One Hour: 100 minutes
  • One Minute: 100 seconds


In writing, dates are represented as follows:

  • Year  : Month  : Day of month

For example: 10876:3:21 is the 21st day of the 3rd month of GY 10,876.