Region Coreworlds
Sector Kalona Sector
System Kalona System
Suns Kalona Prime
Orbital position 5
Moons 6
Galactic coordinates I-8
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Hyperpsace Routes
Distance from core 1,000 light years
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Class Terrestrial
Diameter 12,240 km
Atmosphere type Type I breathable
Climate Temperate
Gravity Standard
Primary terrain Urban Cityscape
Surface water
Points of interest *Commonwealth tower
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Native flora
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Government Kalona City Authority
Population 978 billion
Demonym Kalonan
Major cities Kalona City (Planet-wide)
Major imports *Foodstuffs
Major exports *Culture
Affiliation The Galactic Commonwealth

Kalona is the capital of the Galactic Commonwealth and is suspected of being the Human homeworld. Kalona is a major political hub of the Coreworlds. Several trade routes pass through the Kalona system making it a rich planet.

Over the centuries, Kalona became an ecumenopolis. The actual planet-wise metropolis of Kalona is called "Kalona City".

Kalona has a standard day-night cycle, but the planet rarely sleeps, saying the planet has an amazing nightlife would be an understatement, during the day the planet is like any other city, mostly business - but during the night, the hundreds of thousands of nightclubs and bars open to the public.

The Commonwealth Senate Tower is located on this world in the political district, and Kalona acts as the political, financial, and cultural capital of the Commonwealth.

In general the different levels of the city indicate the financial status of those living there. The lowest levels, known as the "Undercity" are where the least-fortunate live.

Kalona Flight Control receives up to 20 billion landing requests every Kalonan day. And Kalona Customs Services operates 26/10, but KCS can't check every incoming vessel, but they try their hardest - usually only checking those vessels landing at starports. Many offices and apartment complexes have their own private landing platforms, which on Kalona tend to hover somewhere near the top of the building.

Getting around the city is made easy by the Automated Air Taxi System, all you have to do is contact the AATS and it will dispatch an autopiloted air taxi to the location of the signal. The fare for the AATS is .25 credits per minute. There are air taxis that are flown by sentients - these tend to cost more than an automated taxi, but they can take shortcuts and go places the automated air lanes cannot.