Hyperspace Tunnel

The view of the hyperspace tunnel from the front of a ship

Hyperspace is an alternate dimension that exists beneath normal space.

Scientists do not fully understand how it works, but generally it is simply a dimension where the light speed limit simply does not exist. Or it is much higher.

To hyperspace can be used as a verb."Hyperspace to the nearest inhabited system"

Technical BackgroundEdit

In normal situations, baryonic matter obeys the principles of relativity: they increase exponentially in mass as they approach the speed of light, requiring more and more energy to approach it, and thus always remain below this threshold. Tachyonic matter exists solely above the speed of light, and cannot pass below the lightspeed threshold. Hyperdrives allow normal matter to break the lightspeed barrier, and travel thousands, or millions of times the speed of light.


Hyperspace was just a theory up until Jesnor Tekab discovered a way to open a rift into hyperspace; the first hyperdrive. Hyperspace is now the only known way to travel at FTL speeds. Up until GY 7,538 hyperspace beacons were necessary to plot a course through hyperspace, but navigational computers have come a long way, and beacons are now obsolete.

Hyperdrive UsageEdit

Ships that plan to enter hyperspace must go through a process. First a course must be plotted through the use of a navigational computer, then the ship aligns to a bearing matching the course and activates its hyperdrive, which opens a rift into hyperspace. The hyperspace rift opens about 500 kilometers from the bow of the ship. The ship is then drawn (extremely) rapidly into the rift. Hyperspace rifts are invisible. People inside the ship see star streaks as the ship accelerates into the rift.

In hyperspace, the universe is perceived as blue lines rotating around the tunnel.


The only major hazards within hyperspace, other than hyperspace radiation is kylir radiation which is projected by stars and black holes, or can be artificially created to purposely draw ships out of hyperspace.

Hyperspace Travel TimesEdit

Travelling 2 light years in the Outer Rim on a ship with a class 5.0 hyperdrive would only take an hour or two, but travelling 2 light years in the Deep Core could take weeks, due to the intense amount of stars, and therefore, kylir radiation.