Bots are robots - mechanical beings, most of which have very advanced artificial intelligence. They are used in a variety of environments, often those considered too menial or dangerous for organics. Bots are also used in fields that require extensive specialization and knowledge such as medical bots and navigator bots.

Depending on the model and its purpose, bots are totally obedient, rugged, expendable, and mathematically precise. These characteristics made them suitable for many jobs, though lack of independent thought in the cheaper less-advanced models limits their capability. Bot designers have to balance the bot's intelligence, as if they are too intelligent, they may rebel, but if they are not intelligent enough, they will not be as effective at their duties.

Traditionally, bot names are an arrangement of numbers and letters, the pattern varies between manufacturers.

Levels of bot intelligenceEdit

Bots are divided into five levels, based on their ability to think independently, their intelligence, and their creative abilities.

  • First-level: Bots capable of complex and creative thought. Bots of this level are usually used in medical and scientific fields.
  • Second-level: Bots used in technical fields, pilot bots, repair bots, utility bots, probe bots, etc.
  • Third-level:Bots that are designed for social interactions, such as butler bots, diplomatic aid bots, tutor bots, etc.
  • Fourth-level: Security bots and military bots fall into this category.
  • Fifth-level: Bots that are usually used for labor or other fields where they are not required to be overly intelligent.

Bot typesEdit

Legal statusEdit

Bots are considered property, but more advanced bots tend to receive more respect and freedom.

Bot languagesEdit

Bots either speak the language of their owner, multiple languages (such as service bots, translator bots, diplobots, etc.), or they speak "botspeak". Which is a nearly incomprehensible assortment of beeps and buzzes. People who spend a lot of time around bots can start to understand botspeak to a degree. Most people rely on bots that are capable of speaking organic languages to translate for bots that are only capable of speaking botspeak.